Phone Case and
Wallet, In One!

Not only does Bibiloo protect your phone from any situation you throw its way, it also acts as a wallet! Store cash and credit cards easily and have them with you everywhere you go.

Bonus Features

Every Bibiloo case has a mirror and can hold a spare key. It is easy to misplace a wallet or key, but you almost never misplace your phone. This case is perfect for the one that is always on the go, or for children that need to keep a house key secure.



Sleek in design with 15 colors available, there is a case to fit any personality and style.


There is not another case on the market that offers the same functionality and benefits as Bibiloo.

Environmentally Friendly

Bibiloo is produced from recycled plastics and non-toxic silicone.


Cheaper than the competitors and more features, too!